22 Aprile, 2021

European Youth academy , the forges of talent: ANDERLECHT

The Anderlecht model has now become a reference point throughout Europe, the results in terms of “baked” talents are there for all to see: Kompany, Lukaku, Mertens just to name a few. World-class talents, all coming from this company, which has developed and modeled an idea and a long-term project and has been able to create a project that is now studied all over the world. But where does this project start from? What are its pillars? Structures, skills and balance above all. The sports center of Neerpede, inaugurated in October 2011, with an investment of about 15 million euros (60% companies and 40% institutions), is a multifunctional center, the largest in Europe (from administrative offices, fields, changing rooms, gymnasium, wellness center and recovery rehabilitation, relaxation area,restaurant, technical area for staff, medical and physiotherapy area, etc.). The Club's policy provides for an investment of approximately 10% of the available budget in the youth sector. This allows for continuous updating and renewal.

But the investment is not just in money. The investment is also on the human capital on technicians and young people. Precisely for this reason the management of talent is seen at 360 ° without neglecting the aspects of personal growth and not just sports. With this goal, agreements have been drawn up with the Ministry of Education that allows integration with schools that provide for flexible and targeted management for the students of the academy. In this way it allows to follow and improve the schooling of the children and it integrates in a functional and institutional way with the Anderlecht society. Coordination with schools also takes place for basic activities thus allowing for continuous growth for children who can play sports many times a week thanks also to the efficiency of the school system. In the youth sector, new figures have been implemented: talent managers. Of the tutors that yes they deal with facilitating the insertion of new purchases, solving purely practical logistical problems and monitoring behavioral aspects and attitudes, as well as following the school profile.

One of the pillars, even in Belgium, is innovation. RSC Anderlecht has entered into a research and methodological development agreement with the University of Leuvain which then leads to the application of new research and new studies in the field.

However, at the base of this important pyramid of the Anderlecht system there is certainly stability and balance. Over the years the staff has always been the same, the management has almost never changed and the philosophy has been consolidated based on the initial ideas. The project is long-term and you are not in a hurry to get everything right away.

A vision that has given and is bearing fruit and which can now be considered a world reference point for the development of talents